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The very popular Triforce Black is back in stock.

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Touch Screen Pointer - Replacement for the mobile stylus.

Camilla Glatzl

I love things that simplify my life. So, instead of using the phone's pen, I made my own stylus of a post card and attached it to a lanyard so it always would be near my phone. Easy, always avaliable and working as a security against dropping the phone.

The current version of the stylus is made of other materials, but the shape and design are exactly the same.

I'd never use the pen anymore because I'm addicted to the Triforce.

Camilla Glatzl
Inventor of Triforce – the touch screen pointer

Main Features

Note to iPhone users: Currently, Triforce will not work with iPhone, but we are working on a solution

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Sandie Boyer, Nevada USA, says:

I Love it! This it the greatest thing ever ... since buttered bread! Easy and Very Convenient!

Tracey Smith, UK, says:

I bought this for my Sony P1i after breaking two of the supplied stylus in short succession.
The Triforce stylus is amazing. It looks wierd but using it feels far more instinctive than the normal stylus, its easier to hold and therefore gives better control on the touchscreen and feels more secure in the fingers. Being attached to the phone means I won't loose it and its tough so I dont think I can break it either!!
All in all a brilliant idea that is a pleasure to use and I would highly recommend it to any user of a touchscreen phone.... Go on, get one, you will love it!!
Thanks Triforce! x